Peyton’s Project Runway Keeps Up with Fashion, Fundraising and Your Favorite Bull Riders

Peyton Gay, founder of Peyton’s Project Runway and wife of Professional Bull Rider Gage Gay began the charity event in 2019 as a way to include fun, fashion and your favorite bull riders all while making a positive impact in the western industry.

Gay created this event with the sole purpose of contributing back to the Western Sports Foundation as they continuously support professional bull riders in all aspects of the sport.

This year Peyton’s Project Runway raised $107,600 for the Western Sports Foundation and included some incredible athletes such as Ezekiel Mitchell, Chase Outlaw, Keyshawn Whitehorse and even our very own Cowgirl Channel Host Fanchon Stinger.

Over the past five years Peyton’s Project Runway has fundraised a total of $527,000 and continues to raise the bar each year with incredible sponsors and an amazing team!