Barrel Racer Emily Beisel and Chewy Dominate St. Paul Rodeo to Cinch Yet Another Summer Win

Emily Beisel and her newest equine partner are taking the Summer Run by storm.

Emily Beisel has added a well-known palomino mare to her string for the 2024 Summer Run and the new duo is handling every run they make with ease — and that includes St. Paul Rodeo.

Beisel and Chewy clocked a 17.20 and held on to the No. 1 spot by three-tenths of a second until the very last performance when Jordon Briggs and Rollo were the only team to get any closer with a 17.37-second run.

“Oh my gosh, this mare has been incredible. It was so fun to cheer her on with her journey with Molly [Otto], she did an amazing job training her and campaigning her. When 4M Equine offered her to me for the season, it’s an opportunity you can’t turn down. She is an exceptional horse and I am so blessed to be the one on her back right now. I have no words, it was incredible,” Beisel said.

Beisel and Chewy also clocked the fastest run at Reno Rodeo. Beisel has an arsenal of horses, and she says, she picks which horse to run based on their strengths — and Chewy loves wide open spaces and a big crowd.

The Oklahoma cowgirl was the No. 3 ranked barrel racer in the World going into Cowboy Christmas and it is safe to say she has moved up.